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2006~ 東京にて銅版画を始める。

2008~2009/ 2015~2017  フランス, パリにて銅版画制作。





2023  「小林小百合 展」 神楽坂レストラン ルバイヤート(東京)

2023  「Fascinqtions réciproques ー東西相反する魅力ー 」

   「Sayuri KOBAYASHI exposition privée」

     フランス極東文化研究所 l'École Française d'Extrême-Orient (フランス)

2023  「小林小百合 銅版画展」 Atelier 485 Tokyo (東京)

2022 「DRAMMATICO展」 galleryAND LINKS 81(東京)

2020  「MARGINAL」 Atelier 485 Tokyo (東京)

2020  「MARGINAL」 神楽坂レストラン ルバイヤート(東京)

2019 「Le conte s’est achevé à l’insu de tous.ー物語は誰にも知られずに終わった」

    Le Petit Parisien(東京)

2019 「BOUDOIR」 ギャラリーアートポイント(東京)

2012 「ENVOL」 森岡書店(東京)




2023 「第66回CWAJ現代版画展」入選(東京)

2022 「第13回大野城まどかぴあ版画ビエンナーレ」入選(福岡)

2019 「エレバン国際版画ビエンナーレ2018 」(アルメニア)

2018 「エレバン国際版画ビエンナーレ2017 」(アルメニア)

2015 「第8回メゾン ラフィット 現代アート展」入選(フランス)

2014 「フィンランドミニプリント展/ Graphic Artist Association of Lahti2014」


2013 「アワガミ国際ミニプリント展」入選(徳島)

2012 「第8回大野城まどかぴあ版画ビエンナーレ」入選(福岡)



2023  飯沢耕太郎「A little Perfect Lover」詩集  挿画(ふげん社)

2016-2019  文学ムック「たべるのがおそい」 vol.1-6 挿画(書肆侃々房)

2018   「ホール」ピョン へヨン 表紙、挿画(書肆侃々房)


SAYURI  KOBAYASHI     Printmaker, Painter

Born in Tokyo, Japan

Meiji Gakuin Univercity BA, Sociology (Tokyo, Japan)

2006    Studied etching at “Doumu Print Art Studio” (Tokyo,Japan)

            Studied Stanley William Hayter’s technique (Viscosity printing) at “Atelier Contre Point”                (Paris, France)


Solo Exhibitions

2023    "Fascinations réciproques" l'École Française d'Extrême-Orient  (Paris, Tokyo)

   Participated in a symposium as a panelist and held a solo exhibition at the same time

2023    "Sayuri Kobayashi solo Exhibition"   at  Atelier 485 Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan) 
2022    "DRAMMATICO"  at Gallery AND LINKS 81(Tokyo, Japan)
2020    "MARGINAL"   at  Atelier 485 Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)
2020    "MARGINAL"   at  Rubaiyat restaurant (Tokyo, Japan)

2019    "Le compte s'est achevé à l'insu du tout le monde"   at Le Petit Parisien (Tokyo; Japan)

2019    "Boudoir"   at Gallery ART POINT (Tokyo, Japan)

2012    "ENVOL"  at Morioka bookstore (Tokyo, Japan)

Group Exhibitions 

2021    "Prinz 2021"  at Gallery ART POINT (Tokyo, Japan)

2021    "Polyphonic Lifestyle exhibition" at ego Art &Expresso bar (Tokyo,Japan)

2020    "Ront Point"   at  Kurashiki City Art Museum (Kurashiki, Okayama)

2020    "Monochrome"  at  SAN-AI Gallery (Tokyo,Japan)
2019     Literature Mook"Taberunoga Osoi illustrations"  at  Y.Art-Gallery (Osaka, Japan

2019   " Itinéraires"  at Letter Press Tea house (Taipei, Taiwan) 

2018     "Illustration for  "Taberunoga Osoi" (Fukuoka, Japan) 

2017    “The each expression by printmakers” at Gallery Hippo (Tokyo,Japan)

2016    ”Various world of copper print” (Sapporo, Japan) 


2016     "Engraving exposition"at Culture space Bertin Poirée (Paris, France)

2016     "Drawing  by printmakers" at Gallery TEN (Tokyo,Japan)

2015     "Kyusaku YUMENO's fairy tales ,copperprint engraving groupe exhibition"

   (Fukuoka, Japan) 

2015    "L'exposition LUNE  exhibition"at Gallery LUNE (Paris, France)

2015    "Primavera ~5artistes  exhibition" at Gallery Hippo (Tokyo,Japan)

2014    "10×DOGURA MAGURA copper print groupe exhibition" at Morioka bookstore(Tokyo) and Tateishi frame shop(Fukuoka,Japan)

2014    "The exhibition for Usa shrine Festival by ART meeting"   exhibited a 1st prized work(Oita, Japan)

2014    "ART meeting vol.2" at Ajimu winery (Oita, Japan)

2014    "Japan Calling" at Chie  Art Gallery (Milano,Italy)

2013    "ART meeting vol.1" at Ajimu winery (Oita, Japan)

2012    "EmergingContemporary Artistes of Japan 2012" at 2/20 Gallery ( NYC, USA)

2011     “2G”duo exhibition with Kozue Himi at Morioka bookstore (Tokyo, Japan)


2023  "The 66th CWAJ Print Show"  exhibited a winning work (Tokyo,Japan)

2022    “O-nojo Madokapia Biennale vol.13" exhibited a winning work (Fukuoka, Japan)

2018     "First International Print Biennale, Yerevan 2017 " exhibited a winning work
              (Yerevan, Armenia) 

2015     "8th Salon of  Contemporary art  exhibition" (Maison Laffitte, France) 

2014    "Miniprint Finland 2014/Graphic Artist Association of Lahti"  exhibited a winning work                   (Lahti,Finland)

2013    "Awagami International Miniature Print Exhibition 2013" exhibited a winning work                         (Tokushima, Japan)

2012    “O-nojo Madokapia Biennale vol.8" exhibited a winning work (Fukuoka, Japan)

2011     CONGLOBARTE Festival of Art Science Memory Library at Treviso Municipality                         (Treviso, Italy)


2023  Illustration for collection of poem ”A little Perfect Lover” by Kotaro IIZAWA

2016-2019  Illustration for japanese literature mook"Taberunoga osoi" vol.1-6

2018  Book cover illustration for "HALL" by Pyun Hye Young




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